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Default Studio Electronics Midimini V30

Studio Electronics famous rack-format Minimoog replica, the Midimini returns in a V30 version, has more features and can communicate with modular synths.

New In Midimini V30

  • GLIDE – Linear, Exponential—includes Filter—under versatile software control.
  • NOISE/OSC3 – Noise/Oscillator 3 Modmix selector switch.
  • CV OUT – Main Control Voltage Output patch point.

  • VCF – Voltage Controlled Filter Cutoff attenuator.
  • WAVEFORM – SE-02 Waveform shapes switch.
  • RATE – Audio Rate Modulation Modulation speed attenuator, with switchable MIDI SYNC.
  • LFO OUT – Lo Frequency Oscillator Output patch point, with amount attenuator.

  • MAIN CV IN – Main Control Voltage Input patch point. Main Control Voltage Input patch point (-10 to +10, internal CV is +/-5v).
  • OSC1 CV – OSC 1 Control Voltage input patch point—additive.
  • OSC2 CV – OSC 2 Control Voltage input patch point—additive.
  • OSC3 CV – OSC 3 Control Voltage input patch point—additive.

  • ENV1 to OSC2 – Cross-modulation of OSC 2 by ENV1 (filter) attenuator.
  • OSC3 to OSC2 – Cross-modulation of OSC 2 by OSC 3 attenuator.
  • RING MOD – Hardware Ring Modulation attenuator.
  • NOISE – Noise Output patch point.
  • OSC1 – OSC 1 Control Voltage Output patch point.

  • AMP DRIVE – Boomstar Modular AMP module’s amplifier saturation & overdrive circuit.
  • ^1 NO VCF – Triangle to VCA switch—bypasses VCF.
  • FBK GAIN – Feedback Gain control (shares pot with EXT IN).
  • EXT IN – Front panel located External Audio Input with attenuation.

  • LEARN – Under the hood hub for MIDI Channel, Aftertouch, and Modwheel.
  • ENV1 INV – Filter Envelope inverter.
  • LFO GATE –Low Frequency Oscillator gate trigger of ENV1 and ENV2.
  • ENV2 MSTR – VCA Envelope override of VCF Envelope switch.
  • VCF CV – Voltage Controlled Filter Control Voltage Input patch point.
  • ENV2 OUT – Envelope 2 Output patch point with attenuator.
  • GATE IN – Gate in patch point (0-10 volts).
  • GATE OUT – Gate out patch point (0-10 volts).

  • FEEDBACK – Oscillator/Filter Feedback loop control.
  • REL1 – Envelope 1 Release (Decay) switch.
  • DRONE – Instant, indefinite VCA sustain switch…
  • REL2 – Envelope 2 Release (Decay) switch.
  • VCA CV – Voltage Control patch point—disconnects ENV2.
$2999 USD.

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Default Re: Studio Electronics Midimini V30

Kupiti ovo ili 10 Behringer D pitanje je sad
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